Sunday, June 12

Spin a Word

I've been working to create some Word Work activities that can be used for each short vowel as it is taught (for a little consistancy during Daily 5).  Here's a little activity I call "Spin a Word."  The kids will use a paper clip and pencil to spin the beginning sound and ending sound.  The middle sound will depend on which vowel I'm teaching. 

I made a couple of different versions.  The first one is generic.  After laminating the spinner sheet, you can write in your own vowel sound.  I also made some with the vowel already on the page.  I tried to pick beginning/ending sounds that were a little more specific to actual word families. 

Click here to download for FREE.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! These will be great word building activities!

Amy said...

I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing!

Kim Balek said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

I will give these a try for Daily 5 too! They look great.

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

These will go great during Word Work.
Thanks for sharing!
Ms. A
Oceans of First Grade Fun

Jen said...

Hi commented on my blog this morning so I thought I would return the favor!! I am following you, and you are now on my blog roll! I just downloaded spin-a-word!! Love it!!


Anonymous said...

These are fabulous! I have this site saved and will visit often and not just for the activities.

Mrs. Duggins said...

What a fantastic idea! I love it! Your blog has some great ideas. After seeing all the wonderful resources out there, I have started a blog myself (I'm definitely still in the learning phase!). Maybe you can visit me?


Jan Brady said...

Got these downloaded and ready to laminate! These are awesome!
- Jan

YearntoLearn said...

I just found your blog. Your spinner mat is so cute.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Keita said...

Thanks! I'll be using this as soon as school starts.