Friday, June 24

Giveaway Winner and a FREEBIE

Thanks for everyone who participated in my first giveaway.  Now, to announce the winner...

Here's a math FREEBIE for everyone.  To play, the children will arrange the flower cards in order, counting by 5's.  Then, they will record the counting sequence and answer a few questions about it.  I made the flowers go to 120 since the new Core Standards ask first graders to count to 120 (not 100).

I think the cards would be fun to use as a whole group activity first, before adding them to a math workstation.  You could pass out one card to each child and have them line up in order across the room. 
Click here to download. 


Jan Brady said...

Sorry I missed the Giveaway! Love the Flowers by 5's. You are super creative -- you know we love your stuff!
- Jan

Alix said...

Love it and how you extended the pattern for the new core curriculum.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching 50! I started a craft blog and remember how excited I was to watch my followers grow and how unimpressed my husband seemed too! :-) I think he's perfected the crazy look when I start talking about blogging, ha! I've just started a teaching blog too, and am a little new to the online teaching community. Love your blog and am a new follower!

Ms. Patterson said...

Very cute blog. I love you ideas and the flowers are very cute! Thanks for sharing them. I just started my own blog and I would love if you would visit it and follow me.