Wednesday, August 3

First Week of School- Days 5, 6 and 7

Here's my plan for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to finish out my first week and a half of school.  After these days we'll be trying to get in a more normal schedule.

Day 5
7:45-8:10- Unpack, Morning Work

8:10-8:40- Morning Meeting
- pledge/patriotic song
- calendar

8:40-9:30- Independent Work- before they start I will discuss "rules" for independent work at desk, show them the Finished Work tub, and talk about what to do when you finish your work (read a book, write in your journal, play with your fish)
- Their work will consist of a mixed-up sentences cut and paste, journal entry, and some sort of math practice.  I will use this time to **hopefully** finish assessments to determine reading level

9:30-9:50- Snack- Read Aloud

9:50- 10:10- Math About Me Book- page 5

10:10-10:25- Daily Five Lesson (I'll have to check the book to see what the lesson is!)
- Read to Self
- continue to build stamina

10:25-10:40- Chapter Book Read Aloud and Daily News

10:45-11:15- PE

11:20-11:45- Lunch

11:50-12:15- Recess

12:20-1:30- Read Chrysanthum again (one of the Daily 5 lessons is about the three ways to read a book.  One of the ways is to read by retelling a familiar story.  I will let the kids retell the story to me).  Create name flowers.  More about this later.

1:30-1:40- Pack-Up

1:40-2:20- Specials- Music

2:25- Early Dismissal

2:35- Late Dismissal

Day 6
**Generally, I have a "normal" schedule Monday-Thursday and on Fridays we spend the day learning about the science/social studies unit (combining reading, math and writing of course!).  This week, it will be a little different.  Our parents come for Open House/Parent Meeting at 6:30pm on Thursday.  This is the time when I tell them our rules/procedures for the classroom and they have a chance to look around the room.  I moved my unit day to Thursday so I would have a few cute things to hang on bulletin boards by Thursday night.

7:45-8:00- Unpack, independent reading at tables

8:00-8:20- Watermelon KWL anchor chart- read watermelon book, add facts to anchor chart, sing "Down By the Bay"

8:20-8:45- Watermelon Life Cycle- use a paper plate divided into fourths, students will glue one picture into each space as we discuss the watermelon seed cycle

8:45-9:45- Watermelon Investigation- guess weight, circumference, sink/float, estimate how many seeds.  Cut open watermelon.  Pass out slices.  Children will observe with magnifying glasses, pick out seeds and count.  Eat for snack time.

9:45-10:00- Watermelon Words- create web of words to describe a watermelon. 

10:00-10:10- Graph- Do you like watermelon?

10:10-10:45- Read "The Enormous Watermelon"- Make class book.  "_________ is enormous"

10:45-11:15- PE

11:15-11:45- Lunch

11:45-12:15- Recess

12:20-1:30- Watermelon Book and Glyph (these will go on bulletin board)
-How old are you- place seeds to match age

-I am a boy- red melon
-I am a girl- pink melon

-Watermelon is my favorite fruit- yellow rind
-I like another fruit better- green rind

- I like math best- 1 bite mark
-I like reading best- 2 bite marks

1:30- Pack-Up

1:40-2:20- Specials- Art

2:25- Early Dismissal

2:35- Late Dismissal

Day 7
7:45-8:10- Unpack, Morning Work

8:10-8:40- Calendar

8:40-9:10- Independent Work

9:10-9:35- Daily Five Lesson/ Practice Read to Self

9:35-10:00- Butterfly Activities (I die cut butterflies out of wrapping paper.  I use 10 different prints of paper and create 2 butterflies from each print for a total of 20 butterflies.  Pass out the butterflies so that each child gets one.  The kids find their match and stand by their friend.  Each child will tell one interesting fact to their friend.  Afterwards, partners will share the new fact with the class.  If time permits, we will play one more time.  This is a fun way to learn new information about the kids)

10:00-10:30- 100 chart assessment (each child will be asked to fill out a blank 100 chart.  When they are finished they will turn it in to me and eat their snack)

10:30-10:45- Chapter Book Read Aloud and Daily News

10:45-11:15- PE

11:20-11:45- Lunch

11:50-12:15- Recess

12:20-1:00- "Find a Friend that..."

1:00-1:30- Math Game


1:40-2:20- Specials- Computer Lab with me

2:25- Early Dismissal

2:35- Late Dismissal

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