Monday, August 29

All About Me Unit

I'm sorry I'm breaking the "one post a day" rule.  I'm just trying to get caught up.  I know once tomorrow comes (which is technically now!) it will be another busy week in first grade.

I wanted to share a little bit of my (and my 1st grade team's) All About Me unit.  I spread many of these activities over the first week of school.  The rest were completed this past Friday.

 We read "A my name is Alice" and created a class book.  Can you tell that football runs deep, here in the South?!

 We created self portraits (which is a must in first grade!).  I love how they turned out.  This year I did them a little differently.  They drew with pencil, traced with Sharpie, colored the face with crayon, then water-colored the rest.  All in 45 minutes because we were trying to get to PE on time!

 I haven't actually had time to get to this activity, but I really want to squeeze it in this coming week.  The finished products were precious.  It was hard to choose just one to take a picture of.  A teacher on my team took everyone's picture, printed them, and had the kids cut out their face.  Then they finished the picture by adding details to show what they wanted to be when they grew up.  So cute!
The name mosaics are a cute idea from DeAnna Jump.

 After reading "Chrysanthemum" we discussed names (as I'm sure 95% of K-1 classes will do!).  We created a flower glyph to represent each name.  I wrote their names in the middle and they traced with black marker. 
The number of petals represent the number of letters in their name.
The leaves represent the number of vowels
The number of stem pieces represent the number of syllables.

We also made a "Letters in my Name" graph.


Wintaka said...

I'd love a copy of your K is for Katie and I like....
Would you post it?

Lauren Morse said...

Wintaka- The "K is for Katie" page is very similar to one that Made for First Grade created. You might check out their blog if you're interested in the page. I wouldn't want to get in trouble because of copyright issues.
I'm sorry!

Caroline Brantley said...

Is it a packet from made for first or a blog post? I would love something similar.

Lauren Morse said...

Caroline, The place where I found the "A my name is Alice" idea is from the Made for 1st Grade blog. They had an alphabet literacy pack. I thought it was a cute idea, but didn't have time to include all of their activities. So, instead of buying the whole pack, I just re-created the one page. I don't think I can share it for free since it wasn't my idea, but if you go to their blog you can purchase the unit.

I hope that helps!

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