Sunday, October 30

Reading Tubs Update

After trying reading tubs for a week, I know this is the direction I want to go with my class this year.  It has been a natural fit, most likely because it's so closely structured to math tubs.  The children had no trouble at all adjusting to this new change.  And, an added bonus-- I "found" a little more time in the day for writing!  Here's how my reading block looks now:

9:30-10:00- Whole group- phonemic awareness, phonics, grammar lessons
10:00-10:45- Writing
10:45-12:20- PE, Lunch, Recess
12:25-1:05- Reading Tubs (pretty much Word Work and "Listening" choices)
1:05-1:25- Read to Self
1:25-1:40- Comprehension Lesson

The only change I decided to make was to Tub 4.  I started Reading Tubs thinking that Tub 4 would be computer.  But, it turned out to be too much computer time.  So now my kids will listen to a book (using BookFlix, TumbleBooks, or Storyline Online), then have some sort of writing response.  After they are finished, they can go back to the computer until the time is up.

Here's a peek into Reading Tubs for this week.
Tub A- Fall ABC Order.  This is an activity I purchased from the ladies at Made for 1st Grade.  If you haven't checked out their units, you should.  I bought the Fall pack and loved it so much that I bought the Scarecrow unit, Thanksgiving unit, and Indian unit.  After finishing the tub, the children will play Roll, Say, Keep with sight word cards.
Tub B- This past week my kids learned about nocturnal animals.  They made a cute owl/bat that a co-worker created.  We ran out of time to add facts to the bat and the owl.  So, this week my kids will use nonfiction books to write bat and owl facts on their owl/bat.  After finishing this tub, the children will listen to books on the iPod.

Tub C- Scarecrow Scrambled Sentences- This is another activity created by Made for 1st Grade.  After finishing this tub the children will "Read to Someone."
 Tub D- After listening to a book online, the children will write a response- "What is your favorite part and why?"


Booky4First said...

I am right with you! I have decided to try tubs for LA this week too. I keep making these fantastic stations and never use them. AND...I, too, have a hard time teaching a mini-lesson and the kids not following up with some independent work with what I just taught (Daily 5)

BTW, when do you have math?

Kristin said...

Super cute stuff!!!! Great ideas!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Holly said...

So, I couldn't wait for your update. I like it - sounds like a good fit for you. I'm still tweaking Daily 5...will post an update once I have it hunkered down. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Lauren Morse said...

I teach math first thing each morning. The kids come in (at 7:45) and start math tubs. The late bell rings at 7:55 (most have already started by then). They have until 8:25 or so to finish tubs. Then we spend 15-20 minutes on a whole group lesson. They head back to their seats around 8:45 to do their math notebook. We spend the next 20 minutes on calendar. I always do calendar last so I can adjust the time as needed. Some days we run a little late, but I'm normally finished with math around 9:20. They have about 10 minutes to eat snack and take a break before we start the reading block.

I hope you enjoy reading tubs :)

Anonymous said...

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Holly said...

So are reading tubs still going well? I'm curious!!!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade