Friday, April 29

Mother's Day Ideas

The first grade teachers go all out for Mother's Day at my school.  Each of the first grade classes has a short Mother's Day Program followed by a Tea in our room.  The children get all dressed up and are so excited to have their moms or mom substitutes at school.  We sing a song or two and say a couple of poems for the program.  Then, we go back to our classroom for cake, finger foods, and drinks.  I always let the moms mingle a little while so I have a chance to walk around and take pictures of each mom and child.  The children also have a chance to share their special gifts and read a book we make for them.  We do a short activity on the Promethean Board and I read a book (last year it was "Hugs and Kisses") before we send the moms on their way.  It's always a fun day. 

Here are a couple of the gifts we make for mom:

Mother's Day Cards- I gave the children a lot of freedom with this project.  We had scraps of paper all over the room, but they turned out really cute.  I showed them how to make a little vase and add flowers, but some chose to do other things instead.  After they decorated the outside, they wrote a note to mom.  Some were so sweet!  I can't wait until my little boy can write a sweet note to me!

 Mother's Day Dozen-- My kids watercolored a half sheet of paper with a design.  After it dried they traced the shape of a vase and cut it out.  I di-cut some flowers for them to use.  They cut out their leaves and glued it all together.

Mother's Day Book- Each year we order blank books from a company called Bear Books.  We use them for Christmas and Mother's Day.  The ones shown are the smaller size.  They are perfect for creating a lasting keepsake.  Ahead of time I type a fill-in-the-blank label (3.5 X 5") for each of the 10 pages.  Then we spend a day or two writing the pages.  Each day after that the kids color one page.  Today we are on page 6.  We still have some more to do next week...  I have also taken their pictures to put on the About the Author page, along with a student-written description.  These books always take a lot of work, but they are precious when we finally get finished.

The cover-- we will go back and color later

___ is for ____.   (Then the kids write something sweet for mom)

My mom is special to me because she ___________.

My mom and I do fun things together.  My favorite thing to do
with her is _____________.

If my mom could travel anywhere in the world, she would go
to __________.

My mom's favorite color is ______.  (then they write how
they know).

When my mom has time to herself, she loves to ________.

Page 7-  If my mom had all the money in the world she would ____.
Page 8- I think my mom is neat.  She is really good at ____________.
Page 9- My mom's favorite thing to eat is ____________________.
Page 10- The most fun we've ever had together was when we ______.
 Mom Portraits

Placemats (these will be laminated)
Pink for the girls

Lime green for the boys


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