Sunday, May 29

Summer To-Do List

Apparently starting a blog at the end of the school year was a bad idea...  It seems like the last two weeks have flown by.  I actually started three different posts and was interrupted all three times.  So sorry to all 11 of you that follow my little blog (LOL).  Hopefully as I post more, more will come and follow.  I digress...  Assessments, report cards, cummulative records, room cleaning, end of the year parties, have all ended.  SUMMER IS HERE!!  While I'm sad to see this year's class leave, I'm so happy to be a stay at home mom for the next couple of months.
But, we teachers know that school is never too far removed.  There will still be professional development, grade level get-togethers, classroom organizing, and curriculum creating. 
Since I've seen so many other teachers already planning how they will use their summer break I thought I'd do the same.  Let's face it-- I need a little accountability or else it could just be a lazy summer out by the pool with the kiddos.

1. Take a week off-- I need one week to just sleep in late (well as late as a K and C will let me sleep) and stay in P.J.s until lunchtime.

2. Vacation Bible School-- I'll be teaching upcoming first graders.  It's always a good reality check to remember how those babies come into the classroom each August.

3. Math Tubs- Because of teacher blogs I was inspired to totally change how I manage independent work time.  I love math tubs now.  I printed, laminated and cut out TONS of terrific math activities from February-May.  Now it's time to start creating some great ideas to use for the first half of the year.

4. Math Curriculum- I'm ready to start alligning my math lessons to the Core Standards.  Sounds like fun, huh?

5. Crafting- My mom just bought a Cricut and the Sure Cuts A Lot software.  Thank goodness for me she just lives 5 minutes away.  I've already found lots of ideas I can't wait to try out.

6. Short Vowel Word Work- I'm planning to create some word work to be used while I teach short vowels.

7. Purging of Toys- Am I the only one that seems over-run with toys at home??  I really didn't think that would ever happen to me, but it has!  I will be donating lots of toys by the end of the summer :)

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Anonymous said...

How awesome that you have your goals all lined up! My husband and I just bought a new house so a lot of my goals are related to that, but they are just kind of floating around in my head rather than all organized on my blog, ha! Hope you get them all checked off. Oh, and I can totally relate to taking those days off and staying in pjs till noon! :-)